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I. All DOCUMENTS CONCERNING the UNIVERSITY OF OREGON's past and current recordretention policies.2. All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS CONCERNING the UNIVERSITY OF OREGON'spurchases, uses, applications, and inventories of PCB-CONTAINING PRODUCTS (potential PCBCONTAININGPRODUCTS are listed on Attachment "A-I,") from 1935 to present.3. All DOCUMENTS identifying UNIVERSITY OF OREGON facilities, UNIVERSITY OFOREGON -operated or UNIVERSITY OF OREGON -sponsored activities where PCBCONTAININGPRODUCTS have been used, and all testing for the presence ofPCBs.4. All past and current permits issued to the UNIVERSITY OF OREGON authorizing or regulating thedischarge ofPCBs and CONTAMINANTS into waterbodies.5. All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS CONCERNING UNIVERSITY OF OREGONprograms, REGULATIONS, policies, protocols, testing and/or methodologies to determine whetherPCB-CONTAINING PRODUCTS are being used or have been used by the UNIVERSITY OFOREGON and in its educational programs and facilities.6. All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS CONCERNING the sampling and testing for PCBsperformed by or at the request of the UNIVERSITY OF OREGON of its properties, buildings oroperations.7. All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS CONCERNING the UNIVERSITY OF OREGON'sknowledge of(]) the release of PCBs into the environment, (2) the persistence ofPCBs in theenvironment, and (3) the potential adverse human or animal health effects of PCBs. This requestincludes, but is not limited to, documents identifying the date or dates the UNIVERSITY OFOREGON obtained information regarding any of the topics identified in this paragraph or acquiredarticles regarding the presence or consequences of PCBs in the environment including:a. Harvey, G. W. G. Steinhaver, and J.M. Teal. 1973. Polychlorobiphenyls in North AtlanticOcean water. Science 180:643-644.b. Holden, A. V. 1970. Source of polychlorinated biphenyls contamination in the marineenvironment. Nature 226:1 220-1221.c. Jensen, S., A.G. Johnels, M. Olsson, and G. Otterlind. 1969. DDT and PCB in marineanimals from Swedish waters, Nature. 224:247- 250.d. Peakall, David. 1971 effect ofpolychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) on the eggshells ofringdoves. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology.e. Lincer, Jeffery et. al., 1970, Metabolic effects of polychlorinated biphenyls in the Americankestrel. Nature.f. Risebrough, R. W. 1968. Polychlorinated Biphenyls in the Global Ecosystem, Nature.g. Risebrough, R. W. and V. Vreeland. 1972. PCB residues in Atlantic zooplankton. Bull. Env.Cont. Tox. 8:345-355.h. Risebrough, Robert et. al. 1972. Accumulation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Ecosystems,Environmental Health Perspectives.1. Schmidt, T. I., A. W. Risbrough, and F. Gress. 1971. Input of polychlorinated biphenylsinto California coastal waters from urban sewage outfalls. Bull. Env. Cont. Tox. 6:235-243.J. Widmark, G., 1967, Possible Interference by Chlorinated Biphenyls, Journal of theAssociation of Official Analytical Chemists.8. All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS CONCERNING research into fish populations andfish returns in Oregon water bodies, and the sources of any material changes in either.9. All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS referencing OLD MONSANTO, and/or commercialproduction of PCBs.10. All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS CONCERNING PCB-related warnings and productinstructions issued by or to the UNIVERSITY OF OREGON.11. All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS CONCERNING policies or standard operatingprocedures issued by the UNIVERSITY OF OREGON related to the use, cleanup, or disposal ofPCBs or PCB-CONTAINING PRODUCT(S).12. All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS of investigations by the UNIVERSITY OFOREGON of FISH KILLS, wildlife deaths and damages to Oregon NATURAL RESOURCES fromCONTAMINANTS or other causes.13. All original research conducted by UNIVERSITY OF OREGON researchers regarding the putativeimpacts of DDT (including DDT, DOE and DOD), PCBs, organochlorine compounds on fish, birds,mammals, and human health.14. All COMMUNICATIONS by UNIVERSITY OF OREGON with the U.S. government, any U.S.state, or their respective subordinate agencies CONCERNING the presence of PCBs in theenvironment.15. All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS CONCERNING the litigation styled State ofOregon v. Monsanto Company et al., Multnomah County Circuit Court Case No. 18CV00540. Thisrequest includes but is not limited to:a. Consulting agreements;b. Expert retention agreement;c. Communications with the litigants or retained expert witnesses regarding the litigation orPCBs;d. Communications between any lawyer from law firms Stoll Berne or Keller Rohrback andthe UNIVERSITY OF OREGON regarding PCBs; ande. Communications between any lawyer from OREGON DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE andthe UNIVERSITY OF OREGON regarding PCBs. ATTACHMENT "A-1"-POTENTIAL PCB-CONTAINING PRODUCTSNo. POTENTIAL PCB-CONTAINING PRODUCTS11. Electrical transformers & switches and fluids2. Canacitors & fluids3. Compressor lubrication fluids4. Hvdraulic fluids5. Heat transfer fluids6. Caulks7. Yellow road/traffic paints ( e.g., Ennis standard #2, Sherwin Williams Promar)8. White road/traffic naints ( e.g., Ennis standard #2, Sherwin Williams Promar)9. Hvdrant naints (e.g., Rustoleum Pro HP Enamel - Aluminum)10. Utiiitv locate naints ( e.g., Rustoleum Industrial Choice, Solvent-based)11. Class B Firefighting Foam (e.g., Alcoseal 3-3 (AR-FFFP))12. De-icers ( e.g., magnesium chloride, FreezGard/FreezeGard)13. Vehicle wash soans (e.g., SunerXL, Hotsy, Simple Green)14. Pesticides/herbicides (e.g., 2-4D, Nufarm Weedar 64, Portfolio 4F, Wilbur-Ellis)15. Motor oil (new and used) (e.g., Firebird, Valvoline)16. Diesel17. Gasoline ( e_g_, regular unleaded)18. Dirt road sunnressants19. Lubricants (e.g., MP Gear Lube SAE 85W-140)20. Asohalt tacks21. Crack sealers22. Asnhalt release agents (e.g., Soy What, TechnicChem Corn.)23. Hvdroseed and hvdromulch (e.g., Natures Own Hvdroseeding Mulch)24. PVC nine (e.g., ASTM 3034 8", Diamond PVC)25. CIPP liner26. Shortliner27. Thermoplastic tape road strining (e.g., Ennis-Flint Pre-Mark)28. Antifreeze ( e.g., Kool Green Extended Life)29. Hand soans ( e.g., Dial Antibacterial)30. Laundrv soaps ( e.g., Tide original)31. Dish soaps ( e.g., Dawn Ultra antibacterial)32. Shamnoos (e.g., Suave naturals)33. Toothpastes (e.g., Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitenin°134. Fish Feed35. Paints, inks and dves36. Recvcled paper products1This list is for representative purposes only, and is not exhaustive, exclusive, and does not implyany limitation regarding any other potential PCB-CONTAINING PRODUCTS purchased and/orused from 1935 to present.

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