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Pursuant to Oregon’s Public Records Law, please produce all records (including video) related to two incidents described in footnote 6 of the NCAA’s University of Oregon Public Infractions Decision, dated December 5, 2018.   I am specifically requesting the following documents: 

  • All documents, including video recordings, related to the two incidents that could potentially demonstrate Head Coach awareness of [DoBO] involvement in student-athletes' workouts during summer 2016.
  • All documents relating to or referencing a report by a UO student-athlete that on one occasion when he worked out with [the DoBO], Head Coach walked through the gym and commented on the student-athlete's footwork. 
  • Security video from the University of Oregon basketball practice gym on June 24, 2016 depicting Head Coach with [DoBO] and a UO student athlete referred to as “Student Athlete 1.” 
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