Parker, Haley
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Records Provided
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I am writing to ask for your help with a request under the Oregon Public Records Law 192.410-192.505.


On January 8, 2016 you kindly sent us Commitment, Contribution, Distribution and Value as of June 30, 2015 and September 30, 2015 of your private equity/venture capital funds. We were extremely grateful to receive this data, as it is very helpful for our research. 



Do you have more recent records, specifically Commitment, Contribution, Distribution and Value as of December 31, 2015, March 31, 2016 and June 30, 2016? This list should include all such partnerships, i.e. private equity, venture capital, distressed debt, mezzanine, fund of funds, real estate, natural resources and private debt investments. If so, is it possible for you to send them to us?