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Solomon, Bob
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 As a result, I am looking for line item level detail on purchase orders made over the latest 24 months through the University of Oregon’s e-procurement system, Duck Depot, which I believe is provided by Sciquest/Jaggaer.   (Based on my experience with other universities, these records should come from a relatively simple report for the system administrator.)    I'm interested in as many of the following data elements as possible: TRANSACTION IDTRANSACTION ORDER DATEBUYING AGENCYSUPPLIER NAMECONTRACT/BPA NUMBERMANUFACTURER NAMEMANUFACTURER PART NUMBERITEM DESCRIPTION (AS EXTENSIVE AS POSSIBLE)NSNUPCUNSPSC OR NIGP CODEFSC/PSC CODESUPPLIER CAGE CODESUPPLIER PART NUMBERTRANSACTION AMOUNT/LINE ITEM TOTALTAX AMOUNTQUANTITY ORDEREDUNIT PRICEUNIT OF ISSUE SHIPPING COST (OR SOME INDICATION IF PRICE IS FOB ORIGIN OR DESTINATION) I know that some of the data fields may not be used or may be named something different.     I would like the files to be sent in an Excel readable format such as Comma Delimited (.csv), Text (.txt) or Excel (.xlsx), including the column headings with the files. The files could be provided via CD, Google docs or file transfer.  I am willing to pay the reasonable costs of running the reports to provide this information.   I do not need or want any personally identifiable information--such as the name of individual requesters or any purchase card numbers. 

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