Public Records policy documents

Harbaugh, Bill
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 This is a public records request for public records showing UO's formal or informal public or internal policies, practices, standards, legal advice, or staff instruction governing its administration of Oregon's public records law.    Specifically I am asking for documents showing how UO: 

  1. Insures that public records requests are fulfilled in a timely manner, according to the "reasonable" test in ORS.
  2. Sets fees for requests that meet the public-interest test.
  3. Determines fee waivers and fee reductions for requests passing the public-interest test.
  4. Handles potential conflicts of interest, for example when the office or employee holding the documents may have a stake in preventing release of documents, or redacting information that might make them look bad.
  5. Determines when requests for public records are published on UO's online public records log, and when they are not.