Hussain, Suhauna
Chronicle of Higher Education
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Records Provided
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Pursuant to the state open records act, I request access to and copies of the following records for University of Oregon:


1. I request campus police policy regarding confidential informants (similar to this: https://www.aclu.org/other/denver-police-department-operations-manual-confidential-informants)

2. I request any statistics/reports which provide further details on confidential informants utilized by campus police, or those used by other law enforcement agencies in cooperation with campus police. I request records going back to 2012. Statistics/reports, if possible, should include but are not limited to how many confidential agreements were reached with students of this college per year, criminal history of confidential informants, what sorts of cases informants were used for (for example, pursuit of narcotics), how many investigations involved confidential informants and how many confidential informant agreements yielded a subsequent warrant or arrest.

3. I request an example of a waiver/agreement presented to a potential confidential informant by your campus police

4. I request any agreements campus police has with other law enforcement agencies involving use of confidential informants