Gartrell, Garth
Motsagsports, LLC
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Records Provided
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I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of the following public records for University of Oregon.

  • List of names and positions of all athletic department staff (sometimes collectively referred to as (“AD Staff”), including:
    • the Athletic Director;
    • all executive, assistant, associate and similarly-titled athletic directors in the department;
    • all head coaches;
    • all assistant coaches;
    • all other staff positions;
  • Copies of all existing employment agreements and extensions for AD Staff;
  • Copies of salary structures related to AD Staff, as applicable;
  • Copies of benefits plans in which AD Staff participate;
  • Identification of AD Staff participants in each benefit plan;
  • Outside income contracts applicable to coaches and athletic directors; and
  • Any other information or documents pertinent to compensation for AD Staff.
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