Tobin, Michael
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I am requesting any and all payments made by the University of Oregon (and any of its employees/ individuals affilated with the UO) to the following individuals and organizations:The NCHERM Group, LLC.: Brett Sokolow, W. Scott Lewis, Saundra Schuster, Daniel C. Swinton, Brian Van Brunt, Anna Oppenheim, Leslee Morris, Gentry McCreary, Carolyn Reinach Wolf, John Wesley Lowery, Maureen Connolly, Katie Clifford, Jermey Inabinet, Jason Laker, Erica Woodley, Belinda Guthrie, David J. Denino, Rick Olshak, D. Matthew Gregory, Mary Ellen O'Toole, Michelle Issadore, Amy Murphy, Erin Buzuvis, Sheilah Vance, Aaron "Chip" Reese, Jyl Shaffer, Joseph Allen, Catherine Spear, Nedda Black. I am also requesting communications with the following associated groups: And its affiliated groups: · ATIXA,· NaBITA, · NaTAG, · SCOPE, · Title IX Expert Witness, · NCHERM-CR (Conflict Resolution) And its affiliated groups:· Campus Threat Assessment· Campus Crime Prevention. I am interested payments over the time frame of September 17, 2016 to November 13, 2017. 

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