Office of the Registrar

Maurer, Julie
Rover Enterprises, LLC
Initial Request Date: 
Request Withdrawn
Request Completion Date: 

Under the Oregon
Public Records Law, §192.410 et seq.
, I am making a
formal request on behalf of Rover Enterprises, LLC for copies of the following
public data records that your institution defines as “Directory Information”
(i.e. releasable, non-personally identifiable) of all students that are
enrolled for the Fall 2015 session at
of Oregon


Name; mailing and permanent
address(es) and telephone number(s); e-mail address; the fact that you are or
ever were enrolled; enrollment status (e.g., full-time, half-time or less than
half-time); class level and majors/minors; dates of attendance;degrees, honors
or awards received; cumulative credit hours; participation in officially
recognized activities; status as a graduate teaching fellow and your teaching
assignment, if applicable.