Money Received from UO Bookstore

Wellman, Jeff
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discussed I would like to know how much money the UO has received from the UO Bookstore during the most recent 12 month period that you would have records.

Sources for those funds would include but not be limited to the following:
Rent/lease payments from selling at all UO athletic events (Autzen, Mac Court, Hayward Field etc.)
Rent/lease payments from the Moshosky center store location.
Payments received from linking their website to and the main University of Oregon website,
Payments for the use of University logos and marks.
Any donations, contributions, royalties that may have been made. The UO Bookstore boasts on their website that they make annual payments of a million dollars to the UO, I assume they are to this category.

All I require is a list that includes the total annual amount for each of the above.