Football Scouting Documents

Bachman, Rachel
The Oregonian
Initial Request Date: 

I’m writing to request two things:

1. Copies of all materials Oregon forwarded to the NCAA as specified in items 2-5 in the attached letter from Angie Cretors [2. Recruiting logs for past 2 years
3. All documentation (contracts, invoices, billing statements, correspondence, e-mails, services provided)
pertaining to institution's use of scouting services for the past two years.
4. Detailed accounting of institution's financial records related to Will Lyles, Baron Flenory, Complete Scouting,
New Level Athletics, and Speed Dynamics and all other scouting services.
5. Head Football Coach Chip Kelly's e-mails, phone logs, bank statements].

2. Records of any correspondence, regardless of form, between NCAA employees or their agents and UO employees or their agents after March 4, 2011. If the NCAA made subsequent requests for information from Oregon, please include those materials as well.