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Errichetti, Zachary
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Pursuant to your state's public records law, I request access to and copies of alternative investment portfolio records. This request is ongoing, seeking copies of (or access to) all Records as they are filed with the University of Oregon Foundation. I am further requesting that the Records be provided to me on computer files or, if not maintained on computer files, in the same format as they are currently maintained at the University of Oregon Foundation. I am an analyst for Bloomberg Global Data, responsible for providing accurate and robust analysis, ideas, and data sets on all players in the private equity industry to facilitate decision-making. I request the records to inform the public about matters of public concern and to contribute to the public understanding of the operations of the government. This request is segregable, and your agency may not withhold entire records because of one section that you believe is exempt from disclosure. If you choose to withhold any such parts of the records from disclosure, please specify in a written response the factual and legal basis for withholding any part of the Records. Details of Open Records Request: 

  • We are requesting quarterly data for each quarter from 2017 until current


  • We are requesting alternative portfolio and performance data, specifically for private equity, real estate, and hedge funds.


  • We are requesting committed capital, invested capital, distribution, market value, since inception net IRR, and MOIC, etc for private equity and real estate funds.


  • We are requesting information such as hedge fund share class, returns, exposures (net/ gross/ short/ long), terms (soft lock, hard lock, high water mark, redemption frequency, hurdle rate etc.), net asset value, allocation size, allocation date etc for hedge funds.
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