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Pursuant to Oregon Public Records Law, §192.410 et seq., I am requesting access to and/or a copy of all documents, materials, and/or presentations, including those by external consultants, pertaining to alternative investments and including the below criteria:  From: University of Oregon Foundation 73. For Private Equity, Private Debt, Real Assets, and Real Estate, reported by fund for Q2 2017-Q1 2021, the following data: a. Fund Name, Vintage Year, Commitment Date, and Committed Capitalb. Invested Capitalc. Distributionsd. Current Market Valuee. Since inception Net IRR and MOIC74. For Hedge Funds and Multi-Asset Strategies, the following data reported by fund for the current portfolio’s holdings:a. Fund Name, Investment Strategy, and Fund Domicileb. Initial Allocation Size, Funding Date, and Current Market Valuesc. Performance/Returns Since Inception

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