Hill, Toni
Acme Research
Initial Request Date: 
Records Provided
Request Completion Date: 

Under the Oregon Public Records Law, we formally request that your office provide us with the
following public spending information:
Copies of documents, such as − but not limited to – sub and supplier directory, the most recent Certificate
for Payment, subcontractor payment application, or other similar forms, that specify subcontractors for
construction or renovation projects valued at $1,000,000 or more at University of Oregon. Please include
information for both currently active projects in design and construction phases as well as those
completed since October 1, 2016. We do not need every document that mentions subcontractors, just one
for each subcontractor or set of subcontractors.
Specifically we seek:
 Project number
 Projected completion date
 Prime/General Contractor name(s)
 Construction Manager (at Risk) name
 Architect/Engineer names
 Subcontractor names