Employment Contracts & Salary

Cohen, Kevin
Winthrop Intelligence
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I am writing to request copies of the following “Documents” for the athletic department staff listed below:a.  Current employment contract and salary for the 15-16 year (Letter of intent, form agreement, or applicable document / record which shows annual compensation and start/end date of employment).  If an employee does not have a formal written agreement, please provide (ideally in a spreadsheet or table format): Name, Compensation, and Start/End Date (or write “At Will” if applicable).   1. Assistant Women's Basketball Coach2. Assistant Women's Basketball Coach3. Assistant Women's Basketball Strength & Condition Coach4. Director of Football Operations5. Men's Basketball Athletic Trainer6. Director of Men's Basketball Operations 7. Assistant Men's Basketball Coach8. Assistant Men's Basketball Coach9. Assistant Volleyball Coach 10. Assistant Men's Basketball Conditioning Coach11. Women's Basketball Athletic Trainer 12. Video Coordinator13. Assistant Women's Basketball Coach14. Head Strength Coach15. Associate Football Director of Athletic Medicine 16. Assistant Men's Basketball Coach17. Assistant Volleyball coach18. Director of Women's Basketball