Directory Information for UO Employees

Carroll, Yonna
American Federation of Teachers, United Academics
Initial Request Date: 
Request Completion Date: 

This request is for the names of employees at the University of Oregon who were employed as of September 30, 2010 or the most recent payroll date prior to receiving this request. The following is requested.
• Employee first and last names, with middle initial
• Email address
• Building of the employee’s office or work place (UO office)
• Work phone number

Also requested for each employee are the following database fields which are commonly used by the University of Oregon
• Employee Type
• Academic Title
• Job Type (primary, secondary or other)
• Job Title (work unit)
• Job Start Date
• Length or Term of Service
• Employee’s Primary Activity
• Home(work) Department
• Rank
• Rank Date
• Pay Department (along with explanation of codes, if any)
• Annual Salary Rate (Base AR)
• Appointment Percentage (an explanation of this if there is more than one appointment)
• Job Status
• Job End Date
• Appointment Status
• Term of Service
• EEO Type
• Designation of status as part-time or less than .5 FTE, adjunct, etc
• Definition of the terms used in the designation, (e.g. Part-time = less than full time, but .5 FTE or more).