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Spier, Zach
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I'm requesting records relating to the law school's career services dean search.  I would like the following information:  1a. A list of all print and online publications or websites where the opening was advertised, and the approximate dates or number of times the listings appeared.     1b. A list of all listservs or similar services that were used to announce the opening, and the approximate dates the opening was announced. 1c. Any other way the opening was announced or promoted in Oregon and Washington.   2. A breakdown of the total number of applications received from each state. For example, "Oregon 10, California 8, . . ." 3. The approximate number of years of private legal practice for each applicant from Oregon or Washington.  I don't want any personal information, just an array showing the numbers.  Something like (23,20,20,14,10,9,3,0,0).  Cost is more important to me than accuracy, so if the person collecting this information comes across an unclear or complicated resume, a good-faith estimate will be sufficient.