Correspondence on Creating a Sworn Dept. of Public Safety

Oregon Daily Emerald
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Pursuant to the Oregon open records law, ORS 192.410 to 192.505, I write to request a copy of all emails and memos exchanged between the office of UO President Richard Lariviere and the UO Department of Public Safety regarding the creation of a sworn and armed DPS. This should include but not be limited to any discussion of funding, fund allocation, department growth plans, requests for funding, specific equipment discussion pertaining to lethal and non-lethal weapons, escalation of force/rules of engagement matters/ all other equipment discussion, training needs, and any discussion of legal problems or liability issues in the event of potential future weapons usage. If memos of a similar nature exist between DPS and any of President Lariviere's subordinate or predecessors, notably President Frohnmayer, the same request criteria apply.