Contracts for Sale of Athletic Merchandise

Oregon Daily Emerald
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Pursuant to the Oregon open records law, ORS 192.410 to 192.505, I write to request a copy of previous contracts between the University of Oregon Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Duck Store for the sale of online athletics merchandise through the Duck Store website (
Also, I'm requesting copies of any documents, e-mails, or transcripts that detail revenue sharing of the sale of previously mentioned merchandise through the University of Oregon Department of Marketing and Brand Management, the Duck Store, and any other program, or office of the University of Oregon. I would like to see specific lump sum revenues from the sale of all University of Oregon athletic merchandising and additionally see what percentage of that revenue stream was through web based sales on
Finally, I request any data kept by the University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics in regards to past annual revenue through online sales through the Duck Store website when it was the direct sales link given by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics through the website .