Contracts, Grants and Agreements

Suitts, Phillip
University of Maryland
Initial Request Date: 
Records Provided
Request Completion Date: 

(1) Contracts, grants, partnership agreements and MOUs $5,000 or greater with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) or National Security Agency (NSA), their agents or contractors.  This agreement includes on-campus and off-campus relationships as well as public-private partnerships and joint ventures with the university, its representatives or its affiliates, University Affiliated Research Centers (UARCs), Federally Funded Research, Development Centers (FFRDCs) and Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE)

(2) Documents describing the scope of work or research for agreements in (1)

(3) Addendums, attachments, amendments or extensions to agreements in (1)

(4) Records of funds received from or under agreements with the Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, National Security Agency, their agents or their contractors.

(5) Policies on entering into contractual agreements for federal classified work or research; for conducting federal classified work or research; and/or on allowing use of on-campus and off-campus facilities for classified work or research.

(6) Any centralized databases, spreadsheets or lists of federal contracts and grants maintained by the university. This request includes all releasable fields and records in the spreadsheet or database. If easier/faster for your institution to provide, we will limit our request in (6) to databases or spreadsheets of contracts and grants with the agencies listed in (1). 

(7) If you have or are releasing some or all of this information under prior public records requests, I would request that you provide those records immediately.

Time period: If the university maintains its records by calendar year, please provide the above records for 2010 to present; if by fiscal or academic year, please provide them for 2009-2010 to the present.