Feathers, Todd
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Pursuant to the Oregon Public Records Law, I hereby request the following records:1) All contracts between the university and Naviance and/or PowerSchool. This should include the statements of work related to the contracts.2) All agreements between the university and Naviance and/or PowerSchool regarding the purchase, sale, sharing, transfer, or other use of student data. This applies to both personally identifiable student data and anonymized or de-identified student data. It also applies to data for students enrolled at the university as well as those not enrolled (i.e., prospective students, applicants, former students, etc.)3) A data dictionary/library or comparable list of data containing all the data fields contained in Naviance and/or PowerSchool products used by the university. Please note, I am not requesting the actual data but rather documentation of the data fields.4) All user manuals, handbooks, or other instructional or promotional material provided to the university and its staff by Naviance and/or PowerSchool regarding its/their products.5) All university policies and instructions for staff regarding the use of Naviance and/or PowerSchool products.6) All documentation provided to the university by Naviance and/or PowerSchool regarding its sale, sharing, or transfer of student data (both personally identifiable or de-identified) with third parties (e.g., the National Student Data Clearinghouse, College Board, etc.).If you have any questions about any aspect of this request or would like to discuss ways to streamline or adjust the request, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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