Cohen, Kevin
Winthrop Intelligence
Initial Request Date: 
Records Provided
Request Completion Date: 
  1. Pursuant to applicable authority, I am writing to request copies of the following “Documents” for the athletic department staff listed below:
    1. Current employment contract and salary (Letter of intent, form agreement, or applicable document / record which shows annual compensation and start/end date of employment). If an employee does not have a formal written agreement, please provide (ideally in a spreadsheet or table format): Name, Compensation, and Start/End Date (or write “At Will” if applicable).




University of Oregon

  1. Football
    1. Pursuant to applicable authority, I am writing to request a copy of any contract or written agreement in force (i.e., signed, fully executed) for non-conference Football games listed below plus any additional non-conference games scheduled to be played between 2017 and 2035 between the University’s Department of Athletics and the following Universities’ Departments of Athletics:
      1. Auburn University 2019
      2. Brigham Young University 2022
      3. California State University, Fresno 2021
      4. North Dakota State University 2020
      5. Portland State University 09/08/2018
      6. San Jose State University 09/15/2018
      7. Texas Tech University 09/07/2024
      8. Texas Tech University 09/09/2023
      9. University of Montana 2019
      10. University of Nevada, Reno 09/07/2019
      11. University of Wyoming 2017