Daugherty, Connor
University of Michigan
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Per the Freedom of Information Act, I would like to request a copy of your agreement for third-party licensing services with Fermata Partners, LLC (herein referred to as “The Third Party”).  In addition to the current agreement, I would like to request the past three years of annual reports provided by the third party, which detail annual sales, revenues, top licensees, top retailers, and other key performance metrics.  If these specific reports are unavailable, I request any document showing licensing revenue received by the University from Fermata Partners, LLC.  If an annual report is not available, all four quarterly reports from each of the last three years would also be acceptable.  

I also request a revenue breakdown of each of your separate University marks and athletic marks.  If there are any revenues associated with “retro gear” or “throwback” apparel, I would like to request a revenue breakdown of those marks/apparel as well.  

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