Fagan, Michael
Indiana University
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Records Provided
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Please provide me with any and all documents reflecting the terms and conditions of the employment of the Athletic Director.  The documents should include, but not be limited to, the following information:  (i) base salary; (ii) performance bonuses; (iii) fringe benefits such as insurance packages, annuities, vacation, automobiles, housing, travel and country club memberships (iv) termination provisions (including the terms of any buyout and rollover provisions); and (v) all other income or benefits paid by the institution to the athletic director.

I am also requesting any information or documents in effect regarding any supplemental income or benefits received by the Athletic Director from third-party sources which are received as a direct result of his position with the university (whether or not considered as part of the total compensation package) including, but not limited to, shoe, apparel and equipment contracts, endorsements, radio and/or television contracts, summer camps, and instructional media.   If such information is not available, please provide a good faith estimate of such information.

This request includes, but is not limited to, employment agreements, contracts, letters, memorandums, payroll records and any and all other documents which are in effect.