Brady, David
California State Teachers' Retirement System
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CalSTRS is investigating the possibility of using the contractor(s) awarded from PCS# 440000-00090-RFP for consulting services on our 403(b) plan, based on Section 7.8 in your RFP, “The purpose of this section is to permit other public agencies to access the services of the successful Proposer when, where acceptable, this RFP satisfies the agency’s procurement statutes or policies. When such is the case, the agency need not publish a separate procurement to acquire the services of the successful Proposer. Rather, University’s RFP may be used as the vehicle that meets the agency’s public procurement requirements. The successful Proposer and agency may thereafter negotiate a separate and mutually acceptable agreement that is consistent with the scope of services described in this RFP and the resulting contract between University and the successful Proposer. Terms and conditions, pricing and other considerations are left to the parties to determine.” I am therefore requesting a copy of the resulting contract(s), including the contractor(s) name(s) and contact information, scope(s) of service and negotiated rates. We understand any agreement we may enter into with the contractor(s) would be independent from U of O’s agreement(s). 

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