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Schroeder, George
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Mirroring a request:Pursuant to applicable state and federal Freedom of Information laws, I am requesting copies of the following public records. 1.  The current contracts for the head football coach and the nine assistant football coaches reasonably expected to be employed in fall 2012, including but not limited to: Amendments or addenda, Documents, drafts or e-mail related to, or reflecting, intended compensation or known COLA raises not included in the contract.Documents reflecting current or intended compensation or benefits to any of the coaches from a third party.If the contracts for any of these coaches are about to expire, please send the current documents and let me know when the 2012 contracts are likely to be available.  If the coach (or assistant) is not covered by a contract, please provide the letter of understanding or other document that outlines his compensation. 2.  The most recent Athletically Related Income statement (as described in NCAA Bylaw 11.2.2) for the head football coach and the nine assistant football coaches described above.  This is also known as the Outside Income Report filled out by all athletic department personnel.

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