Class Schedules for Summer 2010

Ziemer, Dennis
American Federation of Teachers
Initial Request Date: 
Request Completion Date: 

Pursuant to the Oregon Public Records Law, O.R.S. § 192.410 et seq. I hereby request access to the following public records:

The University of Oregon employs many instructional and research staff during the summer session. Please provide the following specific information which is reasonable and available.

The website for the university has a tab labeled ?Current Students.? On the menu under that tab is a label called ?Class Schedule.? This tab leads to a page with a link titled ?summer 2010.? That link will bring up a data table. The information requested can be found in this table. The following is requested in an electronic format that can be imported into Microsoft Excel which could be provided on some form of data media, including email.

The fields from the table are with the information for each table listed below.
• Subject
• All subjects
• Course numbers
• All courses
• Distance Ed/Off Campus: Research Assistant
• All Campuses
The other information is about schedules. All information is needed on schedules.
• Start and end times of the individual courses with the instructor of record.
• All courses listed as weekend or as short classes with the appropriate instructor of record.

If this information is easier to produce by loading the data that populates this page (rather than select the items individually) into a single file with the fields appropriately labeled, that will be acceptable, as long as the items requested above are included.