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Harbaugh, Bill
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•         Starting from May 10, 2010, when it was still officially the Pac-10 Conference until July 11, 2013, complete copies of all emails, contracts, financial statements, media agreements, league guidelines and general correspondence between the Pac-12 Conference office and the Pac-12 Networks and Commissioner Larry Scott, and all University of Oregon  athletic and administrative personnel including, but not limited to,  athletic director ; Senior associate athletic director /Marketing and Publications , Senior Associate Athletic Director-Compliance & Academic Services;  and  the Business office.
•         Copies of any financial documents, agreements and disbursements as well as payments between the Pac-12 Conference and the Pac-12 Networks and Oregon such as distributions of media rights agreements from broadcast networks such as ESPN, Fox Sports, and others as well as from the NCAA.
•         Copies of any paperwork, emails, meeting minutes or memoranda relating in part or in whole to the Pac-12 Conference or the Pac-12 Networks.


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