Athletic contracts

Lefft, Evan
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Contracts and any amendments or other associated agreements regarding other forms of supplemental pay and/or perquisite compensation which your Head Men’s and Women’s Basketball Coaches may have as a part of their overall contractual and compensation structures.These agreements may include but not be limited to shoe and apparel deals, camp agreements or endorsement/ other forms of speaking or promotional agreements which make up the coach’s contracts with the institutions or with third party organizations or entities which have a direct or indirect relationship with your Institution .  
Additionally, I am requesting copies of all assistant  coaches contracts for the men’s and women’s basketball programs including the director of basketball operations and the strength and conditioning coach ’s contract for the coach/coaches assigned to their respective programs.  In the event  that your institution does not provide contracts to assistant coaches or the strength staff, I would like copies of any letters of appointment or other communication indicating that the coach will be employed by the University or college and the amount of the compensation which the coach is currently receiving including any supplemental income etc.or other benefits such as cars, tickets or other perquisites provided by theUniversity.  


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