Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Titlesort descending Requester Status
01/11/2012 Ticket Sales Summary Report Smith, Robert Records Provided
05/04/2015 Ticket Software Contract Winner, Amanda Records Provided
05/19/2015 Ticket Software Contract Mertz, Lindsey Records Provided
08/03/2015 Ticket Software Contract Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
11/08/2011 Ticketing system software contracts Behl, Ankit Records Provided
10/10/2017 Title IX Complaints Winn, Abigail Requesting/Reviewing Records
10/25/2017 Title IX Complaints Goodell, Emily Records Provided
11/14/2017 Title IX Complaints Krakow, Morgan Records Provided
11/15/2017 Title IX Complaints Hubbard, Saul Records Provided
11/16/2017 Title IX Complaints Theen, Andrew Requesting/Reviewing Records
11/17/2017 Title IX Complaints Hubbard, Saul Records Provided
11/21/2017 Title IX Complaints Keefer, Bob Requesting/Reviewing Records
11/15/2016 Title IX complaints Theen, Andrew Records Provided
05/18/2015 Toradol Records Halsne, Chris Records Provided
07/02/2010 Tort Claim Notices Bolt, Greg
06/02/2014 tort claims Brynelson, Troy No Responsive Records
09/22/2014 Tort Claims Greenstone, Scott Records Provided
04/12/2012 Track and Field Correspondence Wihtol, Christian Request Withdrawn
07/03/2012 Track and Field Trials Schroeder, George Records Provided
05/08/2015 TrackTown Contract Mann, Larry No Responsive Records
10/14/2010 Trademark & Licensing Revenues, Football Season Ticket Sales Bachman, Rachel
07/11/2011 Trademark applications and current licensees Raschio, Martha Awaiting Payment
07/17/2013 Trademark contract Campuzano, Eder No Responsive Records
07/12/2016 Training and Records Good, Daniel Records Provided
10/19/2010 Transparency Reports Wihtol, Christian
10/19/2010 Transparency Reports Wihtol, Christian
07/28/2015 Transportation Agreement Pine, Levi Records Provided
08/12/2013 Travel bid tabulation and winning proposal Davis, Gary Records Provided
10/19/2012 Travel documents Moseley, Rob Request Withdrawn
12/01/2011 Travel Expenses Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
05/24/2013 Travel RFI McCornack, Carol Records Provided
06/05/2013 Travel RFI responses Bruce, Ken Records Provided
10/04/2013 Travel RFP Dietz, Diane
06/08/2017 Trustee nominations senate communications McIntyre, Laura Lee Records Provided
11/01/2014 Tuition and Fee Advisory board documents Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment
02/15/2013 U of O contracts Korody, Brandon Records Provided
07/02/2012 U.S. Track and Fields Trials Brettman, Allan Records Provided
03/31/2011 Undergraduate Grade Distribution Soave, Robert
05/02/2011 Undergraduate Statistics Bachman, Rachel
04/24/2012 Union Agreement Harbaugh, Bill No Responsive Records