Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Titlesort descending Requester Status
03/06/2013 UOPD information Ekblad, Nicholas Awaiting Payment
10/02/2015 UOPD record request Dale, Allison No Responsive Records
07/31/2014 UOPD report Flores, Victor Records Provided
02/18/2015 UOPD Report Frisch, Deborah Records Provided
05/14/2013 UOPD Uniforms Ekblad, Nicholas Records Provided
08/12/2014 Updated contracts Kish, Matthew No Responsive Records
12/12/2013 Valero Alamo Bowl Attendees Brynelson, Troy No Responsive Records
12/11/2013 Valero Alamo Bowl Attendees Harbaugh, Bill No Responsive Records
01/15/2014 Valero Alamo Bowl Attendees Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
06/12/2012 Various annual athletics reports and contracts Hansen, Ron Records Provided
05/13/2014 Various documents March 8 to May 12 Smith, Stephen Records Provided
08/11/2014 Various Email Correspondence Terlep, Sharon Awaiting Payment
11/10/2014 Various Sport contracts Cohen, Kevin Records Provided
10/18/2011 Vendor Contracts Boyce, Belinda Records Provided
10/03/2014 Video Display Winning Proposal Reed, Tarah Records Provided
01/05/2015 Violations Evoniuk, Joanna Records Provided
07/06/2011 VP for Diversity search documents Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
10/31/2012 VPSA emails Ekblad, Nicholas No Responsive Records
11/21/2014 Water Treatment contracts Kari, Clay Records Provided
02/18/2015 Water treatment contracts and POs Elseth, Ian Records Provided
01/23/2013 Website Editors Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment
03/12/2012 Willamette Valley Music Festival Ehrlich, Toni Records Provided
04/15/2011 Winning Bid for Admissions Video O'Brien, Jennifer
11/04/2014 Winning Proposal Wilde, Marshall Request Withdrawn
04/15/2014 Winning Proposal Maloney, Lauren Records Provided
04/28/2015 Winning RFP Parker, Kassie Records Provided
06/18/2014 Woodshop/Kitchen Rebuild Askew, Paul No Responsive Records
02/27/2012 Zipcar proposal Barnes, Michelle Records Provided