Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requestersort descending Status
11/07/2012 Nike Contract Stites, Sam Records Provided
01/17/2013 Basketball Ticket Sales Stites, Sam Records Provided
10/09/2012 NCAA communications Stites, Sam No Responsive Records
10/09/2012 OAR Drug testing Stites, Sam Records Provided
03/19/2013 Proposed Draft Legislation Stites, Sam Awaiting Payment
01/22/2013 Helfrich Employment Contract Stites, Sam Records Provided
03/19/2013 Notice of Allegations documents Stites, Sam No Responsive Records
11/16/2011 Jacqua Insurance Claim Stites, Sam Records Provided
12/10/2012 Employment contracts Stites, Sam Records Provided
02/28/2012 Revenue projections Stites, Sam Records Provided
04/30/2013 Correspondence since Dec 21 Re: NCAA committee Stites, Sam Awaiting Payment
01/06/2012 Contract Stites, Sam Records Provided
01/10/2012 Monthly reimbursement Stites, Sam Records Provided
11/27/2012 Legal invoices Stites, Sam Awaiting Payment
01/26/2012 Cost of assessment Stites, Samuel Records Provided
04/11/2012 Expense and revenue report Stites, Samuel Records Provided
04/16/2012 Expense Allowance Stites, Samuel Records Provided
04/16/2012 Rose Bowl revenue Stites, Samuel Records Provided
04/16/2012 Rose Bowl expenses Stites, Samuel Records Provided
12/04/2015 Directory Information Stone, Kelsey Records Provided
05/11/2016 Archives Purchases Stoots, Jennifer Awaiting Payment
02/15/2016 Budget and Expenditures Stoots, Jennifer Request Withdrawn
09/13/2013 RFP language Strain, Garrett Records Provided
04/28/2017 Correspondence and minutes Straka, Ben Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/04/2014 Contracts Proposals Stratford, Mark Records Provided
10/15/2015 Contract Streicker, Sherilyn Records Provided
08/03/2016 Contracts Stripling, Jack Records Provided
09/23/2015 RFP Responses - Mirror Rohlfing Strug, Susan Records Provided
10/02/2013 Student Athlete Policies Stucchio, Krista Records Provided
09/21/2015 Contracts, Grants and Agreements Suitts, Phillip Records Provided
11/13/2012 Housing information Sullivan, Bradley Request Withdrawn
04/22/2015 Head Coach contract Sullivan, James Records Provided
03/25/2016 Outdated Vendor Checks Summers, Tim Awaiting Payment
11/14/2017 Directory Information Sundling, Ryan Awaiting Payment
07/13/2010 Responses to Distributed Antenna System RFP Sutter, Gannon
08/11/2014 Emails Swart, Cornelius Records Provided
11/07/2014 Email search Swart, Cornelius Awaiting Payment
03/14/2014 Tenure Track Info Swensen, Isaac Records Provided
09/28/2017 RFP Swyers, Angie Request Withdrawn
12/29/2015 Archival letters Sykes, Mark Records Provided