Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
09/29/2010 Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena Kisselburgh, Bill
09/29/2010 Employment Contract Hurst, Chris
09/28/2010 Employment Contract Harbaugh, Bill
09/28/2010 Student Directory Information Lanier, Vallerie
09/24/2010 Provost's Office Budgets Wihtol, Christian
09/17/2010 Distributed Antenna System RFP Wiley, Todd
09/16/2010 NCAA Violations Bachman, Rachel
09/14/2010 Improper Benefits and NCAA Violations Bellamy, Ron
09/14/2010 Improper Benefits and NCAA Violations Prince, Seth
09/10/2010 Matthew Knight Arena Payment Bond Popper, Al
09/07/2010 Agreement to Televise Football Game Bellamy, Ron
09/03/2010 Annual Salary of Research Assistant Petersen, Megan
09/02/2010 Audited Athletics Financial Report Zavala, Elizabeth
09/01/2010 Credit Card Contracts Hunsberger, Brent
09/01/2010 Athletic Department Correspondence Veazey, Kyle
08/30/2010 List of Temporary Appointments Gordon, Bruce
08/26/2010 Job Description Crook, Rich
08/24/2010 Employment Contract Prince, Seth
08/03/2010 Course Grade Distributions Winfree, Chelsea
08/02/2010 Administrator Salary Kono, Christopher
08/01/2010 Employment Contract Harbaugh, Bill
07/30/2010 Employment Contract Ananiades, Trisha
07/26/2010 Financial Transparency Reports Bolt, Greg
07/23/2010 Employment Contracts Rothbard, Barry
07/19/2010 Completed IRS Form Harbaugh, Bill
07/16/2010 Jaqua Center Insurance Documents Bachman, Rachel
07/15/2010 Employment Contract Kelly, Matthew
07/14/2010 Employment Contracts Lattinville, Robert
07/13/2010 Contract for Gerlinger Hall Project Reed, Pam
07/13/2010 Responses to Distributed Antenna System RFP Sutter, Gannon
07/12/2010 Employment Contracts Bellamy, Ron
07/12/2010 Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena Bonham, Daniel
07/12/2010 Change Orders, Payments for Matthew Knight Arena Bonham, Daniel
07/12/2010 Rose Bowl Expenses and Revenues Eichelberger, Curtis
07/09/2010 Documents Regarding Oregon Bach Festival Keefer, Bob
07/08/2010 Athletics Contracts Cohen, Kevin
07/07/2010 Money Received from UO Bookstore Wellman, Jeff
07/04/2010 Records for Possible Former UO Employee Champion, Paul
07/02/2010 Tort Claim Notices Bolt, Greg
07/02/2010 Donor and Gift Records Harbaugh, Bill