Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
02/13/2017 Financial Records Berkowitz, Steve Records Provided
02/13/2017 Stale dated checks Lazar, Michael Requesting/Reviewing Records
02/09/2017 Contract Fagan, Michael Records Provided
02/09/2017 Contract Sessa, Jacqueline Request Withdrawn
02/09/2017 Proposals Dietz, Diane Records Provided
02/09/2017 Procedures Mitchell, Connor Records Provided
02/08/2017 Contract Walsh, Cavan Records Provided
02/07/2017 Proposals Dietz, Diane Requesting/Reviewing Records
02/07/2017 Proposals Yrazabal, Jeff Requesting/Reviewing Records
02/07/2017 Contract Jacoby, Kenneth Records Provided
02/06/2017 Agreement Meek, Austin Records Exempt From Disclosure
02/06/2017 Agreement Greif, Andrew Records Exempt From Disclosure
02/06/2017 Correspondence Greif, Andrew Records Exempt From Disclosure
02/06/2017 Agreement Jacoby, Kenneth Records Exempt From Disclosure
02/06/2017 Correspondence Blutstein, Allan Records Provided
02/06/2017 RFPs Schreck, Andy Records Provided
02/06/2017 RFPs Schneider, Joe Records Provided
02/06/2017 Report Nguyen, Tran Records Provided
02/03/2017 Contracts Cohen, Kevin Records Provided
02/03/2017 Proposals Fuller, Tami Requesting/Reviewing Records
02/02/2017 Contract Nguyen, Tran No Responsive Records
02/01/2017 Proposals Westcott, Janice Records Provided
02/01/2017 Proposals Jones, Laura Records Provided
01/31/2017 RFPs, scoresheet Kennedy, Phil Records Provided
01/30/2017 Contract Maier, John Records Provided
01/27/2017 Contracts Kanter, Richard Records Provided
01/27/2017 Stale dated checks Carlucci, Christopher Records Provided
01/26/2017 Records Pitcher, Jack Records Provided
01/25/2017 Scholarship values Pitcher, Jack Records Provided
01/25/2017 Qualifications and resume Solomon, Jon Records Provided
01/25/2017 Correspondence Moskovitz, Diana Records Exempt From Disclosure
01/25/2017 Directory Information Parsi, Arash Records Provided
01/24/2017 Fund Allocation Sanchez-Rutledge Records Provided
01/24/2017 RFPs Van Dyk, Andrew Awaiting Payment
01/23/2017 Expenditures Hill, Toni Requesting/Reviewing Records
01/23/2017 Proposals Klau, Monica Requesting/Reviewing Records
01/23/2017 Contract Shaw, Dana Records Provided
01/23/2017 Bid results Wolff, Roger Records Provided
01/22/2017 Correspondence Reed, Kevin Records Provided
01/19/2017 Records and correspondence Thornberry, Max Requesting/Reviewing Records