Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
03/29/2011 Former Assistant Professor Records Duffy, Matt
08/26/2010 Job Description Crook, Rich
02/28/2011 Course Grade Distributions Hill, Claire
06/18/2010 Information on Construction of Matthew Knight Arena Williams, John
12/19/2010 Riverfront Research Park Property Documents
10/14/2010 Matthew Knight Arena Change Orders Kisselburgh, Bill
05/06/2011 Employment Contracts Lattinville, Bob
08/05/2014 Job Search documents Harbaugh, Bill
03/29/2011 List of PR Requests Since 1/31/2011 Harbaugh, Bill
08/30/2010 List of Temporary Appointments Gordon, Bruce
12/17/2013 Legal Invoice monthly totals Harbaugh, Bill
08/03/2015 Donations Harbaugh, Bill
02/28/2011 Proposal for Admissions Video RFQ Jones, Jay
06/21/2010 Bids for Autzen Stadium Project Patrick, Venisha
12/20/2010 Riverfront Research Park Financial Documents
06/21/2013 Athletics Phone records Clifton, Gregg
10/18/2010 Resumes of Finalists for Public Records Officer Harbaugh, Bill
05/06/2011 Professor Photographs Stewart, Patrick
03/30/2011 Football Scouting Services Records; List of PR Requests Schroeder, George
09/01/2010 Credit Card Contracts Hunsberger, Brent
12/17/2013 Email Search Harbaugh, Bill
02/28/2011 UO Expenditure Reports Schroeder, Shannon
06/22/2010 Conference Membership Realignment Records Lavigne, Paula
12/20/2010 Riverfront Research Park Design Advisory Committee Minutes
04/09/2014 Communications related to racial composition Ellis, John
10/18/2010 Resumes of Finalists for General Counsel Harbaugh, Bill
05/09/2011 Employment Contracts Pengiel, Phil
10/18/2010 Employment Contracts Harbaugh, Bill
05/12/2011 Event Services Contracts Parsons, Bill
03/31/2011 Undergraduate Grade Distribution Soave, Robert
09/01/2010 Athletic Department Correspondence Veazey, Kyle
03/01/2011 NCAA Bowl Expense Report, Survey Solomon, Jon
06/25/2010 Autzen Stadium Project Post Bid Documents Duporte, Kareem
12/20/2010 Riverfront Research Park Property Sublease Documents
10/18/2010 Progress Payments for Matthew Knight Arena Williams, John
05/12/2011 Athletics PR Requests; Football Recruiting Records Schroeder, George
04/04/2011 Employment Contract Bloch, Randy
09/02/2010 Audited Athletics Financial Report Zavala, Elizabeth
03/01/2011 NCAA Bowl Expense Reports, Contract Wetzel, Dan
06/25/2010 Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena Silsbee, Tim