Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requestersort descending Status
12/19/2016 Contract Byrd, Colin Records Provided
01/04/2016 Revenue and Expenditures Byrd, Colin Records Provided
01/04/2016 Contracts Byrd, Colin Records Provided
01/18/2017 Contract Byrd, Colin Records Provided
01/08/2016 Contracts Byrd, Colin Records Provided
05/26/2016 Reports Byrd, Colin Records Provided
01/06/2017 Publication Byrd, Colin Records Provided
01/09/2017 Publication Byrd, Colin Records Provided
06/20/2011 Employment Contract Byron, Matthew
01/09/2015 Payment Bond Condon Hall Cadanou, Cary No Responsive Records
02/05/2015 Bond and Certified Payroll Cadanou, Cary Records Provided
05/14/2012 Police Vehicle Build Bids Calkins, Greg Records Provided
02/24/2012 NCAA Investigation Calm, Cheryl Records Provided
04/22/2014 Prudent reserve fund Campbell, Ian Records Provided
05/09/2014 Student Privacy Form Campbell, Ian Records Provided
05/07/2014 UOPD CAD records Campbell, Ian Records Provided
04/23/2013 Spring elections correspondence Campbell, Ian Request Withdrawn
09/06/2013 Operating costs Campbell, Ian No Responsive Records
04/18/2013 Election expenditures detailed Campbell, Ian No Responsive Records
02/20/2013 Incidental Fee Breakdowns Campbell, Ian Records Provided
11/21/2012 Over-realized funds ASUO Campbell, Ian Request Withdrawn
04/15/2013 Election results Campbell, Ian Request Withdrawn
11/14/2017 Procedures Campbell, Jeannine Requesting/Reviewing Records
03/20/2017 Contracts Campbell, Will Records Provided
10/23/2017 Contracts Campbell, Will Requesting/Reviewing Records
02/24/2017 Correspondence Campbell, Will Request Withdrawn
11/07/2017 Surveys Campbell, Will Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/29/2016 Grade distribution Campbell, Will Records Provided
07/17/2013 Trademark contract Campuzano, Eder No Responsive Records
05/07/2014 communications Campuzano, Eder Records Provided
06/18/2015 Parking Revenue and Citation Totals Campuzano, Eder Records Provided
04/08/2015 Email Correspondence Canzano, John Records Provided
06/06/2014 emails Canzano, John Records Provided
04/08/2015 Contracts and Invoices Canzano, John Records Provided
05/08/2014 Email Communications Canzano, John Records Provided
05/14/2014 Telephone records Canzano, John Records Provided
10/07/2014 EPD security Canzano, John Records Provided
09/13/2015 Football Expenses Caple, Christian Awaiting Payment
09/06/2016 Personnel records Capriel, Joanathan No Responsive Records
06/26/2017 Budget Carey, Erin Records Provided