Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requestersort descending Status
12/12/2016 RFP Westcott, Janice Records Provided
12/12/2016 RFP Westcott, Janice Records Provided
01/11/2016 Contracts Westrick, Beth Records Provided
03/01/2011 NCAA Bowl Expense Reports, Contract Wetzel, Dan
04/26/2011 BCS Championship Game Agreement; Tickets Provided Wetzel, Dan
04/27/2011 2010 NCAA Financial Report Wharton, David
03/04/2013 Proposed Draft Legislation Whitol, Christian Request Withdrawn
04/18/2016 Records Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
09/24/2010 Provost's Office Budgets Wihtol, Christian
01/02/2013 Forecast/Projection Documents Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
12/16/2010 TeamFanShop Contracts Wihtol, Christian
12/18/2013 Speaking Contracts Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
09/25/2014 IAAF Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
10/11/2013 Appearance agreement Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
02/25/2013 Copy of President Gottfredson's calendar provided Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
01/14/2013 Dalai Lama Visit Wihtol, Christian Requesting/Reviewing Records
10/19/2010 Transparency Reports Wihtol, Christian
11/18/2011 IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championships Wihtol, Christian No Responsive Records
10/19/2010 Transparency Reports Wihtol, Christian
11/24/2014 Eugene Bid Package Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
01/03/2011 Arena Contract Wihtol, Christian
11/21/2014 Presentation Pages Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
04/12/2012 Track and Field Correspondence Wihtol, Christian Request Withdrawn
11/13/2014 Meeting documents Wihtol, Christian No Responsive Records
08/15/2013 Employment contracts Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
04/23/2012 Agreements Between UO and Gabon Wihtol, Christian No Responsive Records
06/15/2015 2021 IAAF World Championship Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
04/17/2012 Agreements/contracts Wihtol, Christian Request Withdrawn
04/18/2012 Contracts and invoices Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
11/22/2010 New Athletic Operations Building Agreements Wihtol, Christian
03/14/2016 Campus Building Names Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
09/21/2017 RFP Wikoff, Heather Requesting/Reviewing Records
11/04/2014 Winning Proposal Wilde, Marshall Request Withdrawn
09/17/2010 Distributed Antenna System RFP Wiley, Todd
09/08/2014 Grant of Rights Wilhelm, Mark Records Provided
03/01/2017 Testing results Wilhite, Shannon Request Withdrawn
07/13/2015 Solar Energy Projects Wilker, Steven Records Provided
07/17/2017 Contract Will, Garland Records Provided
11/09/2010 Home Football Game Expenses Williams, Blake
10/18/2010 Progress Payments for Matthew Knight Arena Williams, John