Directory information

Fox, Andrew
Initial Request Date: 
Awaiting Payment

Under the Oregon Public Records Law, ยง192.410 et seq., I am requesting a copy of
the following records, which I understand to be held by your agency: 1. All available
current student directory information for undergraduate and graduate students for the
University of Oregon, including, but not limited to the following information: a) Name, b)
Preferred email Address c) Mailing Address d) Enrollment Status e) Grade Level f)
Preferred Telephone Number g) Major Field of Study h) Dates of Attendance i) Honors j)
Degrees k) Awards Received 2. A key with descriptions of all class codes, student
codes, and any other codes. 3. A clear marker and explanation to identify which
students are undergraduates and which students are graduate students. 4. Any
available markers and explanations to identify which students are currently employed by
the University in any capacity, including, but not necessarily limited to, teaching
assistants and research assistants.